Decline trading options

  • A button to decline trading until my next turn would be great. Or, an option to hide trade offers if I do not possess the resource the opponent is asking for.

  • So I don't think hiding the trade window is the right way to go.

    Trading is a source of information, you get to find out what resources other players have.

    I admit that when playing against the computer it can get really boring to decline their hundreds of trade offers. Not sure if this is just down to the AI 'brute forcing' the trading system for the best offer or not.

    Maybe a solution is to change the trading system to allow for counter offers. This could speedup trading as a whole.

  • I'd like a 'decline all trades until next turn' option.
    The trades that aren't possible due to not having the resources are terrible, too many prompts and a lot of time wasting. You can't modify any trades to suggest other options either so it's not a very good platform.
    It's also not straight forward in regard to what your hand currently has an what it will have after the trade, I only understood after a game, it should be very obvious straight away

  • If the developers of this version hadn't made the terrible decision to display a separate trading window that holds up the game, this wouldn't really be an issue. Declining all trades fixes a problem that doesn't need to exist. Trades on playcatan were handled cleanly and quickly right on the main view. Trade offers could be ignored and played through without all the chunkiness and delay of a separate screen--and obviously counter-offers should exist, and trades should be able to be initiated by players other than the player whose current turn it is.

  • this game is unplayable

  • game still unplayable

  • @yoHgurt

    I agree. I use the decline trades to much because I get bored of looking at trade offers for resources I do not have. An auto decline offers for resources not in my hand would be a better option than decline all.

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