Game just stops

  • This is my first post here, but it is a furious one. I play this game a lot and have a relatively high ELO rating, so every game I lose takes me down a lot.

    Then it is just insanely annoying when this game bugs out, and it happens all too often. I just played a game where one of the players rage quit, but the game did not register this. Instead the three other players just got stuck, waiting for the last player to roll the dice. The rage quitter had the nick "capuci". The two other players left after a while, I stayed and stayed - hoping it would reconnect, but in the end I left the game too.

    Can I please have my rating and everything back? I was on good pace to win the game too, something that makes me extra mad. People pay you money to play, and after all this time the game still has tons of bugs!


  • It happened again, same damn thing. Is there any admins here?

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