Game did not end on 10 points

  • Just played a game where I had 10 points at the end of my turn, but it didn't end and players continued rolling. It ended immediately once I built a settlement to get to 11 on my next turn.

    Haven't encountered this before, so to recap events - on my turn to get to 10 I was on 7, opponents were on 6 each, and I played the third knight to get Largest Army and stole a resource and then built a city to get to 10. I then ended my turn and play continued as normal until it got to me, and I built a road and a settlement and the game ended at that point and showed me having 11 and my opponents on 6 each.

    There was 1 AI player in this game that filled in for someone who timed out, not sure if that would play into anything but just trying to be as specific as possible.

  • @sTIMPZ maybe it was a game "harbour master", which ends at 11 points. If you haven't deselected it before you started searching a game, this might be the reason. :)

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  • Oh interesting, didn't realize there was a difference. Thanks!

    Maybe it could be made more obvious? Came across this post from 2 years ago:

    I had no idea the goal was 11, I know I could check the menu for the scenario but as a newer player here if I queue for the base game I expect a 10 point game. Just some feedback!

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