Tournament guild

  • Join the guild: Family Force 5 to get into tournaments with players who are looking to win and who also understand the game. We have a Facebook page also, so we can organize tournaments. We are looking to expand so we have enough players to have tournaments in: Catan, Seafarers and Cities and Knights! You must join both the guild and the Facebook page in order to be involved in tournaments.
    We have players who have been to Nationals and World in our guild and can help you sharpen your skills by playing against more challenging players.

  • whats the FB page?

  • CATAN guild: Family Force 5

  • @wwill85761333
    I second this. I am in the guild and hope it turns out to be successful. Here is the FB page.

  • Thanks for put me in the group. Like to know mor about turnament....

    so ha

  • Interesting.

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