Games played?

  • I'm just wondering what is the use of the "Games won" in the statistics if there isn't an accompanying "Games played" ?

    Someone that won 100 games but played 10000 isn't as impressive as someone who as won as many but only played a 150.. Yet in the statistics it reads the same.. What's up with that?

  • @cosmicelf u can see the number of games a player played in the ELO list, but this isn't very ... good. :sweat_smile:

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  • If you go on the Elo-boards and look up your own name, then you can hover over your name and see how many games you have played. It's annoying you have to do this but for now I think it's the only way to see how many games you have played.

  • @DylLighted My statistics show so many games I supposedly played and won, but all that happened was: my opponents were kicked :dash: by the cursed :alarm_clock: :boom: kicktimer,
    and I was counted as the winner. :tada:
    I wouldn´t take the stats serious at all, until the kicktimer is fixed :exclamation:

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