Please make a mac client

  • Please do not stop with the PC client. I am on a Mac and the browser version just does not cut it. It take forever to load.... It's impossible for me to leave a game and rejoin. By the time I've loaded again I've been kicked from the game.

    Having to completely load the game every time is excruciating. It takes probably about 5 minutes. Granted I am on wireless Internet but I honestly don't run into load time issues very often.

    Also the progress indicator doesn't seem to work right when I come back to the pager after having recently visited. It' starts at 75% but then still takes just as long to load.

    One issue here is I use the Apple magic mouse. If I accidentally swipe it it sends the browser back. when this happens I've basically quit the game because there is no hope I'll get back to it before I'm kicked out.

    I would try to run it on my iPad mini but it seems Catan Universe app requires a version of IOS which is higher than Apple will upgrade my model.

    I've tried to use Steam but after installing everything it doesn't work either. It just runs steam and then hangs there without running Catan.. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times but always with the same result.

    PlayCatan we written in Java so once loaded into the browser it seemed it was cached and didn't have to be installed every visit.

    Or what about a chrome extension version? It's seems my only option right now is the browser version and it really sucks. Why does it need to download the entire program every time?

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    @cosmicelf Best contact us via We will check what is the issue with your device and the OSX version available via Steam.

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