Catan Universe vs Catan Online - Marketing / Business Strategy???

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  • You will not get any response that makes any sense. They should know by now, that everyone that played playcatan will 100% testify that it was better than catan universe. I payed on a monthly basis for playcatan because it provided me with what I was looking for: Good quick Catan games, no fuss just a very good overall usability with competitive gameplay. Catan Universe is just uneblievable bad in comparison. They will not admit, they will not change. I will pay no cent for this bad user experience here. Sad that they destroyed the online experience and the only thing left is offline games on the weekends, when there is time.

  • @Grundeinkommen you just said the 'Key' point paid on a monthly basis because it provided you for what you were looking for... it's that simple. @Developers @administrators why are you not listening?

  • As we mentioned many times before. Play-Catan is a thing of the past.

    Catan Universe offers new possibilities for the Catan Community and many many players are embracing those opportunities.

    Catan Universe has constantly added features that the community wished for and we will keep on doing so. But there are some basic principles that can´t get changed to the underlying vision and spirit Catan Universe has.

  • Then change your "vision and spirit". Duh. You have to understand that your defense of "some people like it" is not really good if the overwhelming majority of player posts in all your social media have a negative connotation.

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    @Stroom Loud voices don´t always represent the opinion of the majority ;)

  • Silence does not mean that the players are happy with the product either.

  • @Administrator What kind of new possibilities? Did not find any to embrace... And what exactly are the "basic principles" that can't get changed and this underlying vision and spirit you are talking about? In the end it is your decision to stick to a product worse than its predecessor. Maybe the consequences of doing so are not bad enough...

  • Just chiming in to express how disappointed I am with how Catan Universe turned out. The UI is clunky, unintuitive, and cumbersome for PC users. I understand the reasoning in trying to hop on the mobile cash-cow, but I'm afraid this attempt to fit 5 different sized feet into 1 musty shoe will be Catan Universe's downfall. I was willing to approach Catan Universe with an open mind, but its glaring shortcomings make me yearn for the simple and effective PlayCatan. You've transformed a perfectly functional product into watered-down mobile-mush. I would pay money to use PlayCatan instead of Catan Universe.

    @Administrator I advise you not to write off our concerns as the chirpings of a "vocal minority." Most people will not post feedback, and the ones that do are usually part of the core fanbase that are invested in the future success of the product. You must see red flags when there is not one positive post about Catan Universe in any of your forums. I apologize if I or anyone else comes off as harsh, but that's because we want a successful game that's fun to play. If Catan Universe continues in this direction, I'm afraid it will have a very short life.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Administrator said:

    @Nyte_ The forums do only represent a very small percentage of the overall users we host on Catan Universe. Unfortunately, it is is quite hard to get "everyone" or even a representative number of users to take part in a survey since for most players their time it to valuable for something like that.
    But to be clear: Every comment and feedback send to us either via this forum, the social media pages, the review sites or via an email is read and taking into account for determining how Catan Universe will be developed in the future.

    As a business...even a small % of feedback should be powerful enough for you to look at. In saying this, when you mentioned quote " Unfortunately, it is is quite hard to get "everyone" or even a representative number of users to take part in a survey since for most players their time it to valuable for something like that." I am positive that you will get a response from a "small representative number". I am sure that people would be happy to give constructive feedback. It would be a positive start :) >> We use survey monkey & other tools a lot in our business to get anonymous feedback from staff on how we can improve on things.

  • @Administrator thank you for you reply. I do understand that it is hard to get "everyone" or even a representative number of users to reply. But some feedback (regardless if it small/ large) is valuable I am sure for you as a business. I am hopeful that you understand this.

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  • Truth hurts, I guess :D

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