Fix network!!!!!

  • ive had lots of kicktimers in my online games. However, last night im in a custom game 4 player map with family members who all have cable connections (+50 mbps) and after 1 hour of smooth gameplay we all get the kicktimer notification. Well, we all disconnected after so much time invested.

    But, afterwards, we did another custom match but this time it was with 3 peopole and not 1 kicktimer message. the 3 player custom match with family members was the second time this week that it went smooth but all others are very crappy connection issues.

    All I know is that the catanuniverse servers have to be to blame. Too bad because we really love this game.

    Please Fix your servers!!
    Thank you

  • @masterhex Yes, exactly! Could not agree more.:boom:

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