Very Few Matches on Browser. Steam Client NO matches

  • Steam Client has not been able to find any matches for a week. Browser sometimes find 1 but it takes hours.

  • @flamingshorts @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS - I have had some luck if I play just the basic game, but on all the others it takes forever to find 2 or 3 players....
    Why on earth do they not use the lobby as in PlayCatan and we can find our own game to join??????

  • administrators

    @flamingshorts please contact us via as is might be possible that you will need to clear some corrupted local data to get back into the match-making.

  • @flamingshorts
    I have found that

    • it sometimes helps to refresh the search. If no game starts after :watch: 5 min, I quit the search and restart the search.
    • Switching between different games sometimes works, too.
    • Also, you might wanna check if you set the options correctly. At first I made the mistake and checked the wrong boxes, kind of reverse choices. So my search was too narrow, while I thought it was wide open.

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