Okay ... I admit, it's getting better

  • This is hard for me to say because I still miss playcatan so bad, but I will have to admit, that my experience with CU is starting to get slightly (and I mean slightly) better. I am learning a few new short cuts and this is helping (like clicking on a city to advance progress cards is nice touch)

    I have now had quite a few games. At the moment I am just playing the AI. I win every time by a wide margin but I am at least getting to test the functionality and provide feedback.

    It would be SO much better if

    1. The cards at the bottom didn't stack. This is my number 1 pet peeve, esp. the dev. cards.
    2. While I do like the rendering of the 3D cities on Steam, I still find it really hard to get enough on the screen at once, can you just have a 2D option which allows you to play a more simplistic 2D UI version AND have everything on one screen at a time.
    3. Enough with the check boxes
    4. The UI didn't make simple tactical mistakes all the time, like robbing from low players, like offering you a paper when he could clearly win the metrop off you, and many others.
    5. In the 3D rendering of the 2D view is easier to distinguish cities and settlements
    6. Could hide the chat window
    7. Make the trade window use much less real estate and off to the side (the little pin doesn't help here)

    It's getting better - but not there yet #bringbackplaycatanfornow


  • I second this!

    • A 2D mode would definitely be a lot of work but would make a lot of people happier.
    • Color Blind mode for those who are color blind. Or a simpler fix to this is being able to customize colors.
    • Hiding the chat is actually a really good idea.

  • @DylLighted I still use the chat, I want to keep it. But a more practical, space-saving design would be good.

  • @tbt - yes, yes and yes.... Again you have very valid points that would bring such an improvement.
    I would love to see the Avatars stop turning their head and twitch. It is esp. annoying when someone is super slow and then you just watch them turn their had this way and that way. All needless stuff.

  • I have to keep tilting and untilting the board to see if the building is a settlement or a city.
    The card issue is so hard to figure out, esp. the dev cards. And taking 3 steps to call them up to see what they are..... too much!
    I would love the option to close the chat window. It is eating up too much space.
    And if we could re-arrange the layout ourselves, make all the components moveable.....
    The board on PlayCatan was clearly so much more organized and easier to use and figure out.
    Those were the days of playing and having fun all night!

  • Played 3-4 more games tonight.

    I tried to do an auto game as the AI even at the highest level is so easy to beat. I have annihilated it in every game.

    I am getting more comfortable with the UI and finished a 4 player seafarers C+K in probably 20 mins. I still don't like the stacked cards, the trade window and the things mentioned above.

    When I tried to do an auto game - it couldn't find other players. This is going to be a problem, especially since the UI is so easy.

  • @tbt - I have trouble finding players when play via Steam on anything other than basic game. And then it constantly tells me I am offline, when I can watch the others play and can play myself..... HELLO_OH????
    The predictability is ridiculous. The first number rolled in my games tonight was always a 7, Twice in a row the exact same island. The amount of 7;s rolled is ridiculous. We never ever had that before on the real Catan online. And the trading issues the AIs have..... don't get me started. If we all decline a trade for brick once (because we are not on brick) why does he keep trying it......
    Why can't we wait for a new player instead of an AI when soeone quits?
    I could write a book about my frustrations.

  • @Fortuna I would write a foreword for you! :wink: But the "false disconnect" bug :bug: is very common. I find it sometimes helps to switch back and forth between chat log and game log. Not always, though.

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