Time limit to build first settlement?

  • Building the first 2 settlements is the most important part of this game. Can someone tell me what the time limit is to do this? I was placing my second settlement and about to place the road when the computer gave me a "Taking too long" warning, then placed my road for me (it was not in the right place) then ended my turn.

  • It's 90 seconds to do this. There is a timer in the bottom right corner. It's a circle, and as more time passes, the line on the circle gets closer to finishing the circle

  • @James-Hook The timer is hardly visible, took me a while to understand it is there. Really thin grey/ white line that completes the circle. :alarm_clock: :mag:

  • I see the circle timer when I play on my PC/Steam. However I don't see that when I play on my android tablet.

  • Never mind, I found it on my tablet. It's a square instead of a circle.

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