Fix this buggy online game.

  • I only got this game yesterday and there were 3 games I could not finish from your bugs. I have the version from steam.

    Bug #1 - Would not let me end turn multiple turns and eventually kicked me. What a silly issue not to correct.
    Bug #2 - Player kept disconnecting but kept coming back before the two minute kick timer was up. I was forced to quit after several minutes of waiting. Implement a vote kick system.
    Bug #3 - In the base game I was unable to spend my development cards, forcing me to sit through the game while my opponents won.

    Really frustrating since I paid money for this game.

  • @BladeFrank I agree on the voting system for kicking. It is not ideal either, but right now the kicktimer :alarm_clock: really has no clue who is playing or not. Especially with this false "connection loss" notifications that keep showing up, so many games are broken :boom: up for no good reason.

  • ive had lots of kicktimers in my online games. However, last night im in a custom game 4 player map with family members who all have cable connections (+50 mbps) and after 1 hour of smooth gameplay we all get the kicktimer notification. Well, we all disconnected after so much time invested.

    But, afterwards, we did another custom match but this time it was with 3 peopole and not 1 kicktimer message.

    All I know is that the catanuniverse servers have to be to blame.

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