Catan Universe - IPHONE - C+K - Wood/Coin/Cloth progression GUI and some AI issues

  • @administrators

    Dear Administrators and Game Creators,

    Please take this message in the spirit it is intended - which is critical feedback.

    You probably know I am vocal about bringing back playcatan and until CU is as good or better I wont stop.

    Anyway, I have a general question about C+K UI. One easy improvement on the iPhone would be to show the progression with the Avatar of each player. Better still replace the face icon with the progression and just show the color. I don't like having to scroll around the screen constantly to see what they have progressed.

    I also have two general comments on the AI:

    1. I have played about 4 or 5 single player games and annihilated the AI most games, except one time. That said, seems a little bit better than the old iPhone game. Here's the thing, can you make trades where they actually increase the odds of agreeing if you offer more. Seems like this doesn't make a difference.

    2. I noticed that often times the AI robs the losing player, when it's highly clear they couldn't possibly win. Why would your algorithm allow for this?

  • @tbt

    progression GUI
    You can actually see the city improvement progression next to the avatar. In my screenshot, no city improvements have been built yet, but the three columns will display the level of improvement in yellow/blue/green respectively as players buy them.

    AI robbing the losing player
    The developers have explained in the past that the AI will only play for its own benefit. If the losing player has a ressource the AI needs, it will rob them. It does not play to stop the winning player at all costs, but to get the best outcome for itself. The AI's judgement is probably not perfect all the time, but generally this is the rationale for its actions.

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  • @apoxvii

    Thanks for the info on progression - i must have missed this!

  • @tbt About AI
    That they often decide on robbing the loosing player is something that bothers me about AI when they sub in multi-player games. I also wish the AI would act more reasonable in trading. They seem to refuse every trading offer until it´s their turn, then they go berserk with a wave of nonsensical trading offers. They seem to have no clue at all what´s available, what´s needed by whom, and what determinates a good trading offer. They only accept offers if they initiated themselves, and refuse by default offers that have been made by other players.
    Of course, this would be less of a problem, if the kicktimer :alarm_clock: wouldn´t kick :boom: so many active players!

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