Playcatan refugees - we just all need to meet!

  • Okay when and where - I live in FL.

  • Live in Texas man. I think most of the player base of PlayCatan was international. Since Catan is popular globally, not everyone who was hit by the PlayCatan shut down can play live and meet up :/

  • @DylLighted I live in Germany. I know there have always been offline meetings here. At annual boardgame conventions, there have been Catan meetings. And once a year at whitsun :sunny: a few Cantanians meet for 3 days in an old castle that has been converted into a hostel to play :game_die: and cook and clean up together. Since they do the catering and cleaning work themselves, it is affordable. But that is only once a year, and only for a limited group of people. Still, it has been great :dancers: for those who attained, I pressume. I think it would be great to organize more meetings like that, in all countries all over the world. But this way I still won´t be able to play some of my favorate opponents. Some live in other countries or even continents, and some are chronically ill. Don´t forget that online gaming is one of the few accessable hobbies for those who have health problems or severe disabilities. So it remains important to keep improving CU until it works properly. You hear that, developers? People depend on you! :mega:

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