Camera Controls?

  • I play on both browser and iPhone, and on both from time to time i accidentally either zoom in really close or change the angle and its really difficult to fix. Can someone tell me what the actual controls for this are?

  • On PC

    • holding down right click then moving up or down changes the camera angle.
    • Using the mouse scroll to zoom the camera in and out
    • hold down left click and move mouse to change camera positioning

    On Mobile

    • put a finger on the screen and hold it, then use a second finger to go up and down to change camera angle (This is really buggy though so it might spaz out. I'd recommend not messing with this on mobile).
    • pinch 2 fingers closer to each other to Zoom out.
    • pinch 2 fingers away from each other to Zoom in.
    • drag finger across the screen to move camera positioning.

  • @DylLighted Yes, but it is very difficult to do the fine tuning. I often have trouble mionimizing because I am too clumsy to get the right size. It is either too small or too large. Just like the scroll down bar on the start menu, I have problems using that, too.

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