Will you ever fix some of this issues?

  • Matchmaking:

    1. No lobby. PlayCatan had it and it was so much better.
    2. Auto-match. If I have karma selected why the hell am I matched against opponents with 1 karma when I have 5?
      Board numbers:
    3. Why do we get same numbers next to each other? And even same numbers with the same resources? For example 4 brick next to …. 4 brick????
    4. Why does it happen so often that same resources are stacked together?
      Trade options:
    5. Why on earth don’t you allow counter-offers? This one is a no brainer!
      Winning points:
    6. Why do you have to kick everyone out when one player reaches 10 points? I would like to take my winning turn until the end. Why not finnish with 12,13,14 points? Maybe add some ELO for a 14 points winner. In PlayCatan you could do that. In real life you can do that … no one will grab your cards from your hands when you reach 10 pts.
      In-game statistics:
    7. Everyone is asking for this yet you don’t give a shit, explaining how it does not matter because everything is random. Well, for a skilled player it does matter. (A quick example: if I have statistics and have to move the robber and see that a number did not roll it means that my opponent needs that resource, so I am going to block that number so that he will still need that resource … get it?) – PlayCatan had it (just sayin)
    8. Why do you get kicked out of the game when you are not the winner? This is just rude. It is not enough that you just lost, Catan Universe rubs it in your face and you can’t even see how many points each player had, how many ELO you lost, etc.
      Overall statistics:
    9. Why is there no statistics on who did you play against, what was the result, etc? Again, PlayCatan had it.
      ELO system (now this one is just outrageous):
    10. First of all it’s just not right for Catan.
    11. How does it seem to be a good rating system for you when you drop hundreds of places in the ELO ranking after loosing just one game?
    12. Gaining 3 ELO points for a win vs. – 12 or more ELO for losing … this is just bullshit.
    13. Going back to PlayCatan, I think everyone can agree that the ranking system was a fair one.
    14. Who the hell are csander_ and Adriana4? This are the top players. Now csander_ has 75 games and 1377 points. If he started at 1000 points it means that he won all 75 games with an average of + 5 ELO. Give me a break!!! Come on, how do you explain this? It seems mathematically impossible.
    15. And the last one: I love how everyone is asking you to hide the ELO at the beginning of the game and you say that some people are proud to show it. What people? Name me one that likes to get fucked by the other player just because? … because he has a higher ELO. ELO should be visible at the end. This is again a damn mean thing to do and in no way in the spirit of Catan.
      Stuff that should be random but I bet it’s not:
    16. Now you will tell us that the dice rolls are random. Well of course it is random by the end of the game, but the bigger problem is when you have a 5 and the opponent has 9. In the first 20 rolls no. 9 comes up 6 times and 5 not even once. Well excuse my French but you are fucked. By the time 5 starts rolling it is already too late. Your opponent is too far ahead.
    17. Why is it that there are some days that I win all of my games, everything goes my way, map placing, dice rolls, dev cards and in other days you can play to the best of your ability, place on the best numbers but you have 0 chance of winning a game? Does it have something to do with making the player addicted?

    And this as a bonus:

  • Banned

    Be careful about broadcasting these issues. I've already been threatened with being banned by @Administrator for criticizing their business practices.

    It's simply not fair to the consumers that they are selling this half baked product. Put your software back in beta. we are NOT your beta testers. How many more posts like the one above do we need for you you to see this? Long, detailed, well thought out feedback like this has been posted time and time again and you ignore the suggestions and keep pushing out updates that are filled with show stopping bugs, repeatedly telling us that the bugs are fixed and that we are the ones to blame.

    Bring back PlayCatan! Let us maintain it and pay for it. You just collect money.


  • @administrators any feedback on some of the points above?

  • @inadad102 Well, they did ban acokeparty. Is that not enough response? :no_mouth:
    (Don´t stumble :construction: over the irony)

  • Very well articulated feedback which echoes my sentiments pretty succinctly. This game needs so much work.

    Yes there are people here using it but many that really understand the game are not happy with it. The only reason they continue to play is that they are addicted to Catan. Please don't take advantage of addicts.

    And please listen to what the experienced gamers are saying. It's evident that the designers of this game were learning it as they went. Not a crime but there are intricacies to learn that you won't pick up on until you've spent hundreds of hours playing it.

    This interpretation of the game is not as it was meant to be played.

  • @inadad102 All of the points mentioned above have been addressed in one way or another in different posts throughout the forums. Also please tune back the passive-aggressive and outright despicable tone of your comments. The chance of getting an answer will increase dramatically.

    1. No-Lobby because we have Match-making System. Lobbies do not work on a multiplatform title such as Catan Universe. They are inefficient and cumbersome to maneuver through if you are not familiar with the game, its abbreviations and pretty much 90s. Also, all you would do is manually choose, set accept and read through what the auto-matchmaker is doing for you.

    2. The Auto-Match maker will try to find opponents as fast as possible for you. Therefore the threshold for possible opponents will get bigger over time

    3/4. We use the alternate method to create more variety in the game. This method would be even preferable for the boardgame if you would n´t have to set it up yourself. The spiral method is just a helper to get things done more quickly. No need to do so in a digital game

    1. we already confirmed that we are working on a counter offer system based on your feedback and our learnings from former Catan games

    2. The game ends when you reach the required amount of VPs. There is no point in winning even more ;) You already won. I believe a sentence very similar to this can be found on the official Catan website

    3. Regarding your example: If the number is rolled often or not ... doesn´t matter regarding the placement of the robber since the prior roll does not affect the next one. Statistically speaking it is most likely that the next roll will move the robber again.

    4. There is an issue with the second to last player getting displayed a wrong message if one other player leaves the game. We are working on a fix that will be included in 1.5.3

    5. This is a feature request we can look into if we get more feedback on that. So far this has was very seldom request. Nonetheless an interesting thought

    10-13. ELO was also used (even the exact same formula in PlayCatan ;) You can read up here how it works: https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/2367/elo-how-does-it-work . You will also learn why there can be a greater difference between losing or winning points.

    Elo displays the current strength of a player. It's not as a ranking that is set in stone but rather highly volatile. This also encourages new players to take up the challenge to climb up the ladder.

    1. has been addressed in a different post and we are taking care of it.

    2. We already discussed this issues in many other different posts and we are currently working on a much more informative display of the Elo ranking as well as the changes to the players Elo points at the end of the game.

    16 -17. You produced to screenshots with lower than 50 rolls. Of course, there are wide margins regarding the (statistically) expected and the produced outcome of the dice rolls. That's how "pseudo-randomness" works. Choose and pseudo-random generator in the web you can find and let it roll 20 - 30 times. You´ll get similar results. Also a question: Why on would be a program or even allow an rng to favor one player in particular? I would really like to hear what we could possibly gain from that.

  • @Administrator

    Regarding #6... "The game ends when you reach the required amount of VPs. There is no point in winning even more ;) You already won."

    I would have to respectfully disagree and add that this sounds like somebody talking who has never played the game regularly as your users do. If you have the ability to do so there is a certain sense of pride to be taken from being able to win by more than 10. Like doing a slamdunk in basketball as opposed to just a lay-up. The win should not be declared until you hit the "end turn" button.

    Also it would be nice if we happened to be in the middle of a conversation with our opponents the chat channel wasn't immediately closed as soon as 10 was scored. Not very sportsman like to be cut off before one gets the chance to say "good game" or chat a bit more if people want to.

    Also, Many times as soon as an opponent scores 10 it tells me "Game Canceled: all other human players have left the game. this session will be closed" before proceeding to boot me completely so that I am not even able to peruse the game statistics. What's up with that?

  • If I hurt your feelings, I apologize. :bouquet: That was not my intention.
    It is just that at times, I am really frustrated. :cry:
    There have been so many important suggestions, feedback and demands for the change of some crucial faults of Catan Universe.
    I am not talking about lobby here, because I don´t know enough about the subject to decide wether it is possible or not. What I am talking about are the other things we have been asking for such a long time. :hourglass_flowing_sand: now. I know you have worked :sweat: hard, but is it really so difficult :question: to implement the following features:

      1. Don´t disrupt the game when someone wins. I want to say good by, congratulate and/or thank the others. I also want to have another look at the board and understand what just happened. Instead I am forced to watch the animation and a now useless statistic (we need it in the game to plan strategy). But when I do want to leave the already disrupted game, I still have to confirm I really want to leave. Why?
      1. Check your server.:computer: It is pretty obvious something is wrong with it. I have played on steam and on browser, I have also started from the steam library, and it seems to me that sometimes your server works properly, and sometimes it doesn´t. Therefore, it cannot be any corrupted something in my cache, especially as the suggested re-, de-, and new installing :cyclone: and cleaning and something :dizzy: , which your support suggests, already hasn´t worked for several others. Nor is it my hardware or providers fault. The mistake is not on our end. Stop blaming the users.
      1. If so many people tell you your kicktimer malfunctions, :alarm_clock: :boom: why don´t you turn it off :wrench: until you have fixed it? It has ruined :weary: countless games for me and others.
      1. You were told before the launch of Duell that 90 sec :watch: are not enough time for Duell. Several experienced players have told you since. It makes the game unplayable. Yet you did nothing to change it. Why not?

    I am tired of asking, and I am tired of evasive answers, if I get any answers at all. How about a decided "yes, we´ll do it" and a time frame :calendar: when it will happen.
    Let me put it this way:

    1. When will you change the setting for the game, to allow us ending it ourselves?
    2. When will you check and fix your server?
    3. When will you turn off or fix the kicktimer?
    4. When will you increase the time frame for duell?

    It would be easier to be patient if I knew when a change is going to come.

  • @Administrator said:

    1. Regarding your example: If the number is rolled often or not ... doesn´t matter regarding the placement of the robber since the prior roll does not affect the next one. Statistically speaking it is most likely that the next roll will move the robber again.

    Of course we know this, but there is a point, why this is important:

    Let's be honest:
    If the dice rolled the Sequence:
    5, 8, 4, 5, 5, 8, 4, 8, 8, 8, 5, 4, 8, 8, 5, 4, 4, 5, 8
    we all know that throwing a 6, 9 or 10 is now as possible as before this, but don't you think the next number get rolled is a 4, 5 or 8?
    I know this is actually very stupid because it doesn't make any sense but why don't let people who want to see the rolled numbers let them see?
    Of course you can look in the Game-log, but the game-log is friendly said "inconvenience". It isn't really usable (for me), because you can't make the window bigger if you want to see what was rolled the last turn, you only can scroll upward. :confused:
    The same thing is also with the chat, but this is another topic ...

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


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