C&K games disappeared

  • Last night C&K had a lot of game options, now just has the first island again. What happened?

  • Perhaps you had unlocked the Seafarer contents using a scroll?

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  • yes thats it. Thank you

  • @Frizzy - I just get the first island option.... what am I doing wrong?

  • @Fortuna
    maybe its the same case. Did you buy the seafarer-extension?
    Without that extension, you just can play "first island".

  • @Frizzy I also only have one option the first island and I paid for the expansion....wtf?

  • administrators

    Please note: The C&K expansion (like in the physical board game) does include the ruleset and in our case the AI for C&K. C&K can be played on multiple Seafarers scenarios. That is why you will have to unlock the Seafarers expansion using a scroll or Gold to gain access to the different scenarios.

    [edit: by @administrators for less :shit: related confusion]

  • @Administrator May I suggest you call it C&K instead? There´s enough berating going on about CU already. No need to add :poop: to it. :smile:

  • administrators

  • @Suser - well, maybe..... I will not invest any money into this game until it works as promised .....

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