iOS app has problems with knights (building, moving, activating)

  • I’ve updated to the latest iOS version, 1.5. I have screenshots to match. Since this latest upgrade it’s been more difficult to activate your knights. You really have to zoom in on your knight and hit it just the right way (excuse my language) otherwise you can’t activate it. It really slows the gameplay down. Same goes for building a wall, street or a boat. If you hit the command button on the right corner of the screen, the commands don’t seem to match the possibilities in the game. For instance.... 1 had one inactive knight and I wanted to activate him. The commands on the bottom were: move knight (not possible), upgrade knight but not activate knight.

    And the last thing I found out is that it isn’t possible to place a ship next to your own knight. I don’t know exactly what’s going on there but I have screenshots of that. Perhaps there are workarounds for everything. But this really slows the gameplay down. You can contact me if you need the screenshots!

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    @Kimmert It would be great if you could forward those screenshots to us via We will gladly take a look at them.

  • @Administrator I just send you an email. Update on the problem with the ships. I think it’s an interface problem. When you move or build on they seem to disappear. But reappear when you close the game and start over. The game just doesn’t show the ship. But it’s always there.

  • @Administrator I can not build cities

  • @Administrator I’m having exact same problem selecting knights since the update. I’ve even maxed my zoom and still can’t select either to activate or upgrade. I can raise a tap dust cloud right on top of the knight and it still won’t select. It doesn’t happen every game, but seems to happen more often than not. Once the problem starts in a game, it doesn’t let up. I have to restart the game and hope the problem doesn’t come up in the new game.Again, this problem started when I applied the latest update. I also use iOS. Please advise. Thanks.

  • @Administrator Exact same problem here. Whatever I try, I can often not select my knights for upgrading or activating. Just was kicked out of a game because of the turn timer because my trying took too long. Very frustating as I had a huge lead.
    In other games lost cities as I can not activate my knights.

    Please solve, because game is unplayable online this way for me.

    iOS 11.4 here on iPad Pro 9.7”

    App version 1.5.1-f639d867c

    For all things but knights there are workarounds by clicking the spare items on the table beside the board. But did not find a workaround for knights.
    But indeed, also road, boat, city and village placing is a nightmare since last update.

  • We applied a patch to the game. You can now download version 1.5.2 via the Appstore. Please let us know if you still should have difficulties with the building process.

    Thank you very much for your patience.

  • @Administrator Problem is still persisting here after the 1.5.2 update. Slightly better I think, but still now stuck in a luckily offline game where I simply can not select two of my knights.

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    @xahmol Thanks for letting us know. We will look into it.

  • Any update? Just lost another online game because of this. Extremely frustrating to loose cities if you actually have the grain but can not select your knights to activate.

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    @xahmol It would be great if you could send us a screenshot of the situation you are describing via since we, unfortunately, can´t recreate the situation with the current version.

  • @Administrator See here screenshot, can not select any of the unactivated knights.


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    @xahmol Thanks for the screenshot. I can see your camera angle is quite flat. Can´t you also tap on them when looking at the board from above?

  • @Administrator No. Besides, changing the camera angle is also nearly impossible unless I miss some kind of shortcut to do so.
    The angle is flat not because I want it to be, but because I can not get it back. Sorry, but I find your touch UI rather confusing and badly working.

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    @xahmol To move the camera angle, swipe up or down your screen with 2 fingers

  • @Administrator Ok, thanks, finally got the knack of changing the camera angle. Do not know what I did wrong (thought I did try swiping with two fingers), but it works now.

    Have the camera now also directly from above with flat board and now selecting knights indeed works much better. So indeed changing the camera angle to a flat board seems to be a good workaround.