• Hello y'all...... In order to bring into focus to all the bugs and errors, let's start listing everything under this tag.
    It will show us numbers of those affected by the same errors and it will concentrate everything into one spot.
    Maybe with this show of force we can finally get a voice and will be heard?
    I am not yet ready to give up and escape to asobrain. This as a good game.....

  • Whats the point, developers have made it pretty clear they dont give a f about what we as users have to say. They think they have everything figured out just trying to emulate other online games. They even have a scheduled to follow promising new game modes and other things instead of focusing on what we have asked for 2 years.
    So why bother, i think the best way is to forget about CU and start supporting other people that are trying to bring back something similar to PlayCatan.

  • Hier eine Beschwerde,die schon über 1 Jahr im Raum liegt.
    Das Räuberschiff im Spiel Seefahrer und Ritter ist immer noch nicht neutral versetzt worden.
    Ich denke mal nicht, daß es dort versänkt ist und nicht geborgen werden kann.

  • @heczla3 - wish someone did come up with something close to PlayCatan.
    That game had been my companion for years, and I miss the chats with my online friends.
    Do you know anyone working on an alternative? I'd gladly become a paying sponsor....

  • @Fortuna @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS
    Just played 2 games that seemed totally bogus. It almost looked as if the AI and the other player were teaming...... (I know that sounds funny) and AI never traded with me, only with the other player.And the dice rolls, a hoot. We are being asked to give this CU a try, but you seem to do all you can to drive us away.
    Please take some of the very basic suggestions to heart and fix them. Who really wants the avatars to move their head and twitch? Esp. when a player is slow, and then they turn their head as if to figure out what goes...... annoying! clean up the cluttered board, let us close the chat window. Most games I have no need for chat, most players here don't even greet each other. GRRRRR

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