Can't Build Cities

  • When I am playing and have all the requirements for a city (two wheat cards, three ore cards and a settlement to replace), I cannot build a city. It allows me to select a city to purchase but it does not take my cards. When I place the city on a settlement, my screen changes, but my points don't increase. My opponents cannot see the city, and when the number is rolled, I don't get double the cards. Anyone else have this issue? Solutions?

  • Yea, several others are having this issue. So far none of the devs are doing anything.

    For now, I'm avoiding the Catan Universe this patch due to all the bugs. Come join the Xplorers community on AsoBrain instead :). I was playing yesterday and it's almost perfect; no bugs or anything. Just the graphics are a little offputting. Also, the wait time is somewhat discouraging to join the community, but I can send you an invite to shorten that. Ask me if you have any questions!

  • I cant build cities either since day before yesterday

  • I also can't build a city. II have exactly the same problem as DukeofYork. It all started after the new update.

  • Same problem here (Firefox).


  • Please see the latest patch notes for a workaround until we have been able to resolve the issue:

  • @Administrator In the patchnotes admin wrote: "Known Issue: When trying to build via the game pieces on the bottom of the game board, the pieces won’t get placed correctly on the board. Please use the other possibilities to build:
    PC/Mac: Use the Quick-Build option by clicking on the board/intersection or settlement directly"

    But sometimes quickbuild just doesn´t work.
    When I had the problem that qick -build did not work recently, I just buildt :construction_worker: the city by drag +drop. Same well known problems showed up that we all know. But I was able to click on the pseudo-city and convert it into a real city :city_sunrise: the next turn. Worked just fine. Maybe that helps someone until the bug :bug: is finally fixed.

  • We are rushing to release a fix for this issue this week. Stay put as we do our best to be able to release it tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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