"You are offline" error.

  • Hi,
    I am also experiencing the same issue. I just purchased a booster and would like to use it before it expires. Please help!!

    Thank you

  • @AlienDogge - I posted this problem in a chat w Admin and this is what they said:
    "Hi Fortuna, if you just want t play singleplayer you can do that despite the message on the top of your screen saying you are offline."
    That really does not answer anything, but is the normal feedback we seem to get when we point out issues.... :-)

  • Yeah the admins seem to be ignoring all of these posts. I guess they're happy with nobody being able to play the game lol

  • It would be great to receive more info like on what device you are trying to connect to the server. The issue seems to be only affecting a relative small group of players and we are currently investigating what might cause it.

  • I am having this problem in both Chrome and Steam both on my Mac desktop and laptop. As other users have said, just since the update.

  • @Administrator Offline problem happens on any browser (tried IE, chrome and firefox)
    Tried on laptop and desktop, both dont work
    Tried clearing cookies/cache ect doesnt work
    Tried clearing %appdata% doesnt work

  • administrators

    @itswiz ok this my sounds very basic but can you click on the "you are offline" prompt?

  • @Administrator yeah it does nothing, just refreshes the page and tells me its offline again

  • @Administrator said:

    @itswiz ok this my sounds very basic but can you click on the "you are offline" prompt?

    come on man, what kind of answer is that. just let us know what is the problem and when you are going to fix it.

  • The same happens on steam...

  • Exactly the same problem here. I have cleared my cache etc. I am using chrome. I have tried clicking the "you are offline" prompt as well.

  • Each time I try to log on now I am given the privacy agreement to agree to (again) and then it fails to log me in, or logs me in and then tells me I am offline. I have no problem with my internet connection.

  • same exact error here. Offline. Nothing happens when I click the error prompt. I've cleared all browser data and cache for both Firefox and Chrome. I'm also on Mac OS laptop. Any update or workaround yet??? Might have to just play a different competitor's game.

  • @Chapoleon Like what?

  • Update: I downloaded the app and can log in fine with the app (using the same Wifi I'm connected to on my laptop) but still can't on my laptop. @Administrator

  • Same here. Mac OS laptop w/ Chrome browser.

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