Offline after login, other device are working fine

  • Hello

    One of my computer says "offline" after login.
    The interesting thing is that I can log in with my other pc fine which has the same macOS and Chrome version.
    I can also login on my iphone and works good.

    I tried with incognito window.
    I bought the base game so it is very confusing, especially because it is the macbook air and I cannot play wherever I want in the house :)

    Is it possible that one of the computer is blocked or something like this.
    Any other idea?


  • @glavinics
    If I use other login, it is the same

  • @glavinics - here is the answer I got from Admin - I had sent a chat
    Hi Fortuna, if you just want t play singleplayer you can do that despite the message on the top of your screen saying you are offline.

    No explanation, as always, just wanting us to work around their issues

  • administrators

    @glavinics Did you accept the GDPR on that mac book too?

  • Hello,

    Yes, I did,
    I tried with other login, an it is also offline only on that pc. Even worse I cannot log out from that other login, because of offline mode.
    Very strange...
    Is it possible to set everyting back to default in the browser?

    Thanks for support,

  • Hello @administrators ,

    I just forgot to include you in the loop with the "@".
    Please check previous reply


  • We are currently working on identifying what causes the issue for some players. We have to ask for your patience on that

  • @administrators @Administrator I think if we must pay the game the problem would be successfully resolved in a few minutes/hours. As the game is free you are doing nothing. Very good developers professionals that don't know/want resolve the problem (aplause)!!! I am a professional developer and I know what I am saying. Problems could be resolved in minutes if you want...

    Colleges of game...FORGET THE GAME!!! Never more will be resolved.

  • administrators

    @beaic As a professional developer yourself, you will know that you first need to be able to reproduce an issue on your side as well to be able to resolve it

  • @Administrator As a professional developer myself I know that but also I know that is not imposible reproduce that issue. You just have to log in as my user and password in a browser and you will display the problem. So easy isn't it???

  • @Administrator I forgot say you that there are Windows virtual machines (just in case that you don't know that). I said you all the clues so any other doubt just let me know ;). Will see wich is next excuse.

  • Hello @administrators @Administrator ,

    Is there anything what can be cleaned up? where do you store the unity temporary settings or something like this? maybe it helps.

    @beaic : I paid for the game, so let's see what can happen... :)


  • We have been able to identify an issue that caused the frequent offline status for some players. It will be included in the upcoming patch. Thanks for your patience.

  • @administrators @Administrator Thank you very much for fix the problem. Sometimes we are very impatient. Excuse me if I said something that could offend you.

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