"You are offline"

  • Mine is working now, thank you for fixing this

  • Im also having this problem: keep getting the "You are Offline" message, even though my wifi and 3G connections are impeccable. This message prohibites me from playing with real people, and we just paid for it on my friends phone (so its a waist of money since we cant play).

    Im on a recent Samsung S8+ phone and I frequently do my updates, so the problem is definetly not on my side.

    Please let us know if this will be fixed promptly.
    Available to answer more question if it can help.


  • @abmdesign If you have already tried the suggested fixes discussed in this forum (empty cash, logout login logout login again), you should try to reach support directly via e-mail. But they don´t work on weekends, (only auto response to get a ticket/ draw number) so you´ll get no help before monday. :calendar: A lot of players have had this problem as well, me too. It took me 2 weeks :sweat: to fix it, then I could play again :sweat_smile:

  • I have tried to empty cache, logout, login, different WiFi (currently using Netgear Nighthawk 5G), data only, etc. with no change to the Offline issue. Frustrating when I am playing friends and I get kicked because it shows Offline. Are there any other options to try?

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