"You are offline"

  • Hello. I am trying to play to Catan Universe and when I try to login the system says "You are offline" and I can't log in.

    Could anyone help me please??


  • me too, it's working on my phone, but not on the laptop. We're not alone. There's a few others with similar issues

  • I am having the offline problem aswell.

  • actually its not working properly on my phone either... keeps dropping out

  • same for me, cant play at all

  • Are you using an iPhone or Android phone the browser or the steam version of the game??

  • @Administrator I am using steam and an iphone se


  • @Administrator I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm using the browser version. First noticed the problem after the recent update. It says I'm in offline mode, and many features are not available. The only thing I can do is tutorials and single player. Refreshing doesn't help. I was going to log out and log back in, but apparently that feature, like so many others, is unavailable in offline mode. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

  • @Administrator I have the same problem, all games show as offline except games with computers. I am using the browser version. PLease advise when this will be fixed

  • Keeps happening to me as well.
    If I log into the forum first, then reload the game, click Play without log in, it makes me scroll though the user agreement 2x, but then the "You are offline" disappears and I can log in... after also scrolling through the user agreement for the 3rd time. (on the browser version)
    This is the only way I can get in.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue (yesterday and today) using chrome browser. Any updates?

  • yep. I emailed the support but they have now gotten back to me yet.

  • Same here. On Mozilla FireFox using browser to play. Ever since I had to agree to the new Ts & Cs, the game SOMETIMES lets me login but keeps saying I am offline. Also I paid a scroll for C&K and now when I manage to log in, it won't let me play even though I am down a scroll.

  • @beaic @SouthernFriedGerman @gibzster @Cwooly @rimadnac @Camille123 @JCPutman @Abeladi @catpowers1 @itswiz @Ambaal123 - Here is the answer (If you want to call it so) from a chat with Administrator..... Not much info and no help at all if you want to play w real people;
    "Hi Fortuna, if you just want t play singleplayer you can do that despite the message on the top of your screen saying you are offline."
    Evasive as always.....
    WHY is this error happening and HOW do we get around it or WHEN will you fix it?????

  • SECOND POST SINCE LAST NIGHT. SERVER UNAVAILABLE message when logging on an android phone and on PC. This is how I unwind at night. WTH??????

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