Our approach to the shut down of PlayCatan should be different.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen said:

    @Prinz-der-Sterne I don´t think the duration of a game alone is the indicator how much fun it is. A really great game, full of suspense and unexpected turns, chasing each other for the lead position, might take quite long. A straightforward, one-lucky-player-always ahead-and-winning-in-a-very-short-time game might be rather boring, even for the winner. What annoys us to no end is the cumbersome and complicated way some of the moves have to be made. That´s what´s bothering me! I have no time to really play strategy, because I am constantly fiddeling with the size/perspective, cannot make a quick trade, and have to constantly fear being kicked by the kicktimer. I have had so many games that were broken up by this cursed feature, I start having very strong feelings :scream: about it.

    I know what u mean, but when I remember the ~ 350 4 Player, base games (I only play these) I would say that the average game takes 45 min, which is to long. There are rarely games under 30 minutes, not more than games with 1 hour or above. Of course at the moment the kicktimer increase the game time much, because people have to disconnect and rejoin the game. :expressionless:

    Though, the most time of the game you are waiting, while the people answer (with the awful trading system) trades, which take sooooooooo many times. 🙄 [I would be really interested why this emoji isn't available here :laughing:]

    And of course I also enjoy games more, when it is exciting till the end, I think most of the people prefer such games. ;)

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  • I had all the expansions etc on Playcatan. WHY would I purchase this one...?

  • @Rumpelstilzchen @Prinz-der-Sterne
    I agree that exciting games with good strategy are much better than one person running away with the game. For me it's the number of times I have to click just to see my own stuff. Or play one development card. Or zoom in/zoom out/move the board just to see around....every turn. It's not that the play time is long. It's that the User Interface is clumsy. I thought I would get used to it if I gave it a chance, but my familiarization with it is not helping. :disappointed:

    They want you to buy the ones here on CU since PlayCatan is shutdown and no longer coming back. (I'm not saying I agree, just stating the obvious.) :innocent:

  • @Prinz-der-Sterne Like Emerald Angel said below, it´s the clumsy features that take up so much time that the game gets boring and tedious. If the moves and trades (except quickbuild) were not so pointlessly complicated, :cyclone: and the server so :zap: instable, we could all play much faster. But to leave all these obsticles :construction: unfixed and introduce a kicktimer :alarm_clock: :dash: that doesn´t even work properly makes everything worse. :unamused:

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