• Hi

    What are the scrolls needed for?

  • Use them to unlock expansions for a limited time

  • @whattajoker how exactly does one do that? Can scrolls be traded for gold? And if so, how?

  • administrators

    @Soulpole choose an expansion you want to unlock for 24h click on any game mode in that expansion and unlock the whole expansion with one scroll. Scrolls can´t be traded into Gold

  • @Soulpole No, you don´t go to the shop. Stay on the start page, click on the game (on the bottom of the page) you wanna try. On your left, a menu opens and you see several locked options. Klick on the lock you wanna open. A window is prompted asking you how you wanna pay. Choose scrolls. The game is unlocked for a limited time. To check the remaining time of freeplay, you can click the tiny game icon that appears next to your avatar. When your time is up,the game icon disappiers and the locks are locked again. enjoy :smiley:

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