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  • I guess there was maintenance earlier today, and now i am offline despite my internet working fine. cant get in any game type at all..just the tutorials.... anyone else not able to get online?

  • yeah I am offline as well. seemed like logging off will not work either. completely stuck

  • This is happening to me also. It's occurred in the past after an update and the developers have fixed it before, so hopefully this time it's fixed faster.

  • Same here

  • @rimadnac said:

    Same here

    ok, I'm back.

  • SAme here

  • Still offline.................................... game is broken

  • The browser users could try the following when using a Windows PC:

    Enter %appdata% in the windows search bar (on Windows 10 devices simply hit the Windows button on your keyboard and start typing)
    Click on the displayed folder
    The explorer will open
    Choose the folder AppData in the top line
    Then choose the Folder LocalLow
    You will find a Unity Folder there
    Delete it and load the game a new

    Please keep us updated if this resolves the issue for you

  • @Administrator I cannot find any "Unity Folder"?

  • @Administrator There isn't a Unity folder under "$\AppData\LocalLow" I'm using Google Chrome & getting the same error message since the last maintainance activity. The game is working fine on Mobile Device.

  • We are currently working full speed on a fix for that issue. We are positive to be able to release a patch later this week.

  • @Administrator I have deleted your "unity" folder. Nothing has changed.
    I don't have any problems accessing the site, I play on browser, but during the game I get that "You are offline" message and the kicktimer starts. I get evicted from the game 120 seconds later. I must have been evicted 6-7 times out of 10 games. This is insane.
    I have tried to pay on both Chrome and Edge, same result.

  • administrators

    @Athus We will apply some changes to the server-client communication in the next update. This should bring improvements to the situation you are describing. We are currently aiming to bring the update to you within the next 2 days. Thank you very much for your feedback and patience.

  • Same here. Really bummed out about this :(

  • @Athus That happens to me a lot as well. And to my fellow players. That´s why I would prefer to have the kicktimer disabled for now. It breaks up so many games....

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