Rivals Single Player - Offline issues

  • Hey guys,

    I've just downloaded the latest release of CU with the full Rivals game and have discovered a couple of bugs when trying to play a single player game OFFLINE:

    1. Option to select "Duel of Princes" is not shown.
    2. Single player game is not allowed - says that the expansion needs to be purchased, but I already did buy the upgrade with 500 Catan gold.

    Quick observation:
    The dice rolls are VERY quick and the size of the dice are very small - could they be made bigger and the dice rolling slowed down?

    Looks promising though!


  • administrators

    @ArloUSA Thank you for your Feedback. We will look into the offline Issue

  • Just a quick update for you. Re the offline issues, I appear to have fixed them by simply logging OUT of my account and back in again. I now have access to Single Player mode offline AND I can see Duel of Princes mode.

  • administrators

    @ArloUSA Thanks for the update

  • You're welcome guys. Really love Rivals!

    Is there any chance that you would consider offering the option to:

    1. Slow down the speed of the dice rolls.
    2. Make the dice bigger and more obvious in the same way as the old Rivals iOS game.


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