Level Cap should be extended + Fisherman of Catan

  • Right now there is little reason for anyone to purchase potions or even play at all when they earn 0 experience once they hit level 20. I would like my games to count for something. Give your community a reason to continue playing ( and make purchases :wink: ) past level 20. I think you should make the level cap 9999 but make leveling up way more difficult.

    Also please add The Fisherman of Catan content. I would like to have the option to play with fish!

    Thank you! :kissing_heart:

  • administrators

    @Jacks-Encoded Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it ;)

  • @Jacks-Encoded I would like Fishermen of Catan :fish: as well. And :boat: Explorers & Pirates! :gun: But I would understand if we would have to wait for the current games to be fixed first.