Duell / Rivals

  • I have tried to play Rivals about 20 times now. I have not been able to finish a single game. I have "won" many times because my fellow player got kicked off. But I don´t want ELO, I wanna play!

    • On steam I cannot minimize the screen. (I can minimize it if I play on browser)
    • Even if I minimize, I cannot see the other players board.

    • Even if I minimize, I cannot see my development cards, unless I enlarge them, because the are partly offscreen.

    • It it very difficult to discard/ take a card. You need to hit the perfect spot with the cursor.

    The kicktimer kicks off all players after 1 or 2 turns. Because of the technical problems, it is not possible to play this fast, even a seasoned player like me has difficulties. You cannot release it this way.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen After so many failed attempts, I finished a Rivals game now. It was a rather hectic experience, :running: not so much about strategy but about fast motoric action. Please fix the timer!:alarm_clock: :hammer:

  • I only played a single player game today but I found a couple things. I am not sure if it is me having trouble with the UI, or if the game is buggy. Maybe @administrators could let me know one way or the other?

    1: Still difficult to see development cards due to them being partly off screen, as listed above. Although, admittedly, it's better than a regular Catan game.

    2: When I try to move a dev card around, or place a building (such as road, city, etc) the entire board moves with my click and drag. Is there a different way to play a building? Perhaps a double click where you want to build a road? Or is the only way to drag the entire board around, re-adjust, try dragging again, re-adjust, then finally getting it to be built...it's a bit frustrating if this is the only way. This also happens when I am trying to exchange a card with the draw deck at the end of my turn. And it doesn't really work 40% of the time (and I wish I was exaggerating about that percentage.)
    2b: I can't seem to get the board to move around when I am trying to see my opponent, the draw decks, etc. It seems like the board moves when I don't want it to, and doesn't move when I do want it to.

    3: When I click on a dev card to view it, then click on it to send it away...I get an up-close view of my road that is built. While I appreciate my road being there...I don't care to see a plain road up close. Is it just my interaction with the UI? Or is this a bug? This also happens when I am trying to exchange a card with the draw deck at the end of my turn.

    4: A Feud came up as the event. I tried to choose one of my buildings to burn since I was the victim...There was 3 buildings with red around them...I couldn't get anything to register for deletion. Again, I don't know if this is a bug, or my interaction with the UI.

    5: This is more of a suggestion...is there a way to see what cards have been played during the turn. Maybe have them listed off to the side, then when the turn passes, they go away. I feel like the list in the game log gets lost in the playing of the game. I can only imagine if I am completely new to Rivals that I might see Feud...what is a Feud...what is a Plentiful Harvest again?

    6: that leads to this suggestion...Tool Tips. When a card is played, perhaps the ability to hover over said card to see what it does, or what actions need to be taken would help new players. I know that you can open the almanac, but I think a new user would really appreciate this shortcut.

    7: that leads to this suggestion too...I know there are ways to tell what actions can be taken to but perhaps a tool tip by the dice roller/turn timer would help. For example, I had a marketplace and the card was there for a couple seconds but maybe if the card was there and the turn wait symbol said "hey pick a resource for your marketplace" would be good.

    8: Maybe I just didn't get to this point, but is there a way to have an alert that I could get robbed by the brigands? For example, maybe the resource panel by the character at the top could show all the resources red. Or have a total resource number, which could turn red at 7 resources...then the Storehouse could change that as applicable.

  • Played 2 games of Duell/Rivals. One was broken up :boom: because the other player was kicked by the kick timer. Next game I was kicked for "inactivaty" while paying for my buildings. No fun this way. Disable the kicktimer till it is fixed! :alarm_clock: :hammer:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Duell: Kicktimer :alarm_clock: still keeps :boom: kicking :rage:
    Duell/ Fürsten /Rivals games still get broken up everytime!

    • Either me or my opponent is :boom: kicked. :angry: They all have the same problem.

    • The time limit is definitly to short :exclamation:

    • Especially because several actions, like discarding, building or trading are still very akward and cumbersome moves.

    • I do like :+1: the new way to make resource :moneybag: payments. That is neat and time-saving! One click and it´s done. That´s the way to go.

    • I also miss the other shortcuts, like n=roll dice, space=confirm something.

  • Wenn man drei Aktionen macht,ist die Zeit rum.Also zu kurz.
    Man ist dann rauss.

  • Giving TEMPORARY free access to a broken game to make up for a broken game. Nice.

  • New issue is:

    Traveling Merchant only lets you exchange 1 gold even if you have 2.
    Traveling Caravan card works fine though.

    I believe the Relocation Card in the Progress set also has this problem.

  • @rimadnac I had the same problem with traveling merchant. After that, the game got stuck.

  • I had a problem when AI won a celebration event. I wait like 5 mins for him to choose a resource, but nothing happened.

    I had to quit the game.

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