How to find friends/see games I can join??

  • It says: "search for new friends..." yet, whatever I do the search comes out with no results?? Where is a list of online players and opened games to join in??

  • There is no lobby, like in PlayCatan. Instead you can just pick the options you want to play with and find a game. That will auto match you with others.

    As for the friends, I don't know what to tell you there. Maybe the friends you remember from playcatan have a different name. Sometimes I search for a friend and find them, other times I don't find them. Perhaps @administrators could help with this?

  • administrators

    @augusta_b_i Catan Universe is a new game the friend list from PlayCatan isn´t in Catan Universe.

    But if you want to search for friends, click on your avatar in the main menu, then choose friends. Click on the button of your screen (left side) to open the finding friends' menu. Enter the name in of the player you are looking for and send out a friend request by selecting the username that comes up the in the list and click on the button below.

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