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    Okay so I played another game tonight. Rather than playing against humans I tried against the PC. This is something I am not usually interested in doing, but it was a fun experiment. I am still of the mind that playcatan was a lot better experience and ask once again to switch the servers back on. However, assuming you wont do that I am sharing some feedback (mostly on the UI) that I hope is helpful:

    1. The animation speed for dice rolls and road placement is better and much improved. I am seeing a lot of complaints about game speed, but at least when you play the AI the pace is super fast. This is good news - so thanks for listening here. So why is PVP therefore slow, what is so different about AI play vs. PVP play (is it that there are too many bad players - hence the need for a forum up front)?

    2. If you like 2D you can rotate the board to be flat top down. This is kind of good. But what I noticed here is that it's hard to differentiate between Cities and Settlements in this view. Can we make the graphics more distinct?

    3. The choose resources and trade dialog box covers the bottom middle of the screen. This obscures critical data and it makes me kind of sick to my stomach - too much popping in and out - it's really distracting. If you look at how it was done in playcatan, it was a much crisper UI approach and didn't take up half the screen or make you feel sick inside. Also I am wondering if it might be better to use the upper left middle which displays available roads, settlements and cities. It seems this is less critical to cover up. Or just make smaller so you don't cover up anything.

    4. I like the full screen mode, makes things a little better- still wish we could have just a cleaner 2D look - what if we could have sharper edges - it seems like a lot of the graphics are fuzzy.

    5. I think there is a lot of animation going on all the time - this is really distracting and is similarly bad to all the silly dialog boxes we would get in playcatan, but at least those don't make you want to vomit, there is so much going on visually here with CU that it really just makes me feel ill.

    6. A nit pick. I really don't like the animations on the cards - there is not correct rotating of the card graphics, it twists in a way that distorts the image and it's just annoying. Just turn off the rotating and resizing effect - it's silly and distracting.

    7. I know this will also sound like a nit pick but in fact it's important. In Playcatan the color scheme for the tiles was more vivid and less subtle. I really don't like the pastel shades here. I realize yes I might get used to it, but really miss the more vivid color scheme. Maybe you could consider a "playcatan" skin that looks just like the old game.

    8. Again please don't stack cards on top of each other - I can't see what I have.

    9. The dice is visually confusing. It's hard to know if it's your turn - can you make it more clear that it's time to roll. The "it's your turn" animation that flies from right to left is not always obvious. When you do see it, it has the same effect of making me feel sick (too much going on), but if I look away I might miss it.

    Okay so just a few more suggestions. I hope these ideas are considered useful and thank you for considering these ideas.


  • @tbt - Thank you for taking the time to write this all down in such detail.
    I second each and every point..... Too much animation, too much need of clicking and enlarging crds to see what you have. Wish we would arrange to board to our liking, make the permanent stuff movable???
    So much improvement still needed to make this a fun game....
    Wish they would listen to great feedback such as yours.

  • Thanks for your feedback! Where you say "this makes you sick" is the same as when I say it "gives me a headache." With so much going on in graphics and the lack of fast, friendly, intuitive use, I really do not enjoy this format. I appreciate how you give positive suggestions, whereas I am having a difficult time articulating exactly what causes headaches for me here.
    Why can't there be both formats on CatanUniverse and let those who enjoy the 3-D intense graphics and slow limited gamesplay that version and onthe same site, have something very similar to what was on PlayCatan for fastgames and a greater variety of games with limited graphics

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    @tbt Thanks for your feedback. As I forward it I want to give a few notes on some points

    1. Yes, the speed in Auto-Match/Free-Match must be balanced for all players. Also for the new ones getting started to play. We must make sure everyone can follow the game. But we are always looking into ways to further improve the handling of the gameplay and feedback like yours helps us to get new perspectives.

    2. That's right, we are already looking into ways to tweak that perspective to make it more user-friendly and the different board pieces more distinguishable.

    3. A quick tip on that. Click on the little pin in the upper right corner (if you haven´t yet). It will set a "toggle" mode for the trade board. Try an see if it works better for you.

    4. We always do suggest to heavy users to get the client version you download via Steam. All the game data will be on your PC or Mac. It will decrease the loading time and increase the performance of your game. You should give it a try. Steam is free of charge and t the game as well.

  • @Administrator
    Thanks for the tips and feedback - will try all that this weekend.

  • Via Steam its faster, but the matchmaker doesn`t work!
    Wrote it also in feedbacks, but never got an answer!!!!

  • administrators

    @Luzzi It seems to be a common issue that you deselect scenarios by mistake in the matchmaker. Make surer the scenarios you want to play are colored and not white.

  • @Administrator said:

    @Luzzi It seems to be a common issue that you deselect scenarios by mistake in the matchmaker. Make surer the scenarios you want to play are colored and not white.

    it seems that you always think we don´t know what we are doing.
    I know about the colours.
    with the browser game it is working, with steam not!

    And it would be nice if one of you could answer in German Forum as well, all bugs i found listed in feedback ....and nobody cares....THANKS A LOT!!!!:grimacing:

  • @Administrator - Why not fix all the things we all have been "reporting" instead of making us do something to get around an issue???? After all this time still basic issues.....
    In order to see one of the development cards, I have to click on it twice, and to make it go small again I have to click twice again????? Jeepers!!!!!!
    I am not a techie, but stuff like that should long have been fixed. So annoying to run into basic problems all the time.
    Also played BASIC game on steam tonight and the darn game would not let me build a settlement.... It always wanted me to build a road, and since I kept trying the game went on saying I was too slow....
    I WAS NOT, the darn thing did not work properly ☺

  • @Fortuna @Administrator - Also: Can we please get the option to close the chat window so there is more room? The layout frustrates me to no end. PlayCatan was so much more user-friendly. (Sorry to keep tooting the same horn, but truth is truth)

  • @Administrator Misunderstanding?
    It seems to me the issue is not to shorten the time one has to play, but the time one needs to play. The kicktimer is set much to strict for my taste, especially for the more complex actions and deals in the later phase of the game. What we have been asking for is a way to cut the useless waste of time.
    For example:

    • The develoment cards need to be stacked next to each other to keep them visible and
      1 double click should be enough to activate each. Otherwise I need 3 moves for 1 simple action, too cumbersome.

    • Quickbuild is really great, what we still miss is the same option for development cards

    • In C&K you can double click on the city to open the Development/ Commodity menu, that´s perfect! We need something similar for the other scenarios!

    • Wildcard trade is not good enough to replace the trade menu pre-set response buttons we had on PlayCatan: "I want more", "I want something else", "I need it myself", "You are too far ahead in the game". This would shorten the time need for trade very much!

    • I also would welcome some standard chat buttons, like: Hello, good luck!, Are you still there?, I have technical Problems, Congratulations!, Well done!, Don´t trade or he will win!, etc. because always having to switch between playing and chatting is tedious.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen said:

    • I also would welcome some standard chat buttons, like: Hello, good luck!, Are you still there?, I have technical Problems, Congratulations!, Well done!, Don´t trade or he will win!, etc. because always having to switch between playing and chatting is tedious.

    This is a VERY VERY GOOD idea from you, this would be awesome :+1:

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • Number 8! I have come to open the trade window whenever I want to look at my cards, this is an annoyance (especially if you are colorblind). Your hand of cards needs to be spread out a little more so we can tell them apart.

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