Longest Road Bug?

  • I don't know if this is specific to Seafarers/ships only OR if it applies to the base game as well, but longest road is not calculating correctly. Despite the gray settlement blocking one part, I still have a 16-length longest road of roads/ships...several along the coast...and the game only says I have 10. What am I missing? Here is an image of the green road....


  • Road to ship connection does not count for the longest road unless there is a settlement/city between them. You have one of those connections on top left.

  • Ahhhh.... so if that one road to the left of settlement at top of #6 was a ship...and then all roads going forward to the right.... it would have fully counted?

  • sorry, left of the "city" at top of 6

  • Yes.

    This is right. And it is funny that the forums did not let me reply with only Yes. I have to post more letters so that it would count as a meaningful post. Even when I am only trying to answer to a yes-no question.

  • ok thanks for quick reply...this makes sense

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