Catan Universe Leaderboard Question

  • @Administrator Please continue your investigation. Before reading this post, I felt something was fishy. I posted this in reddit but since there isn't much traffic there, I'll repost it here:

    Obvious Elo-Leaderboard Problems

    In the Elo-Leaderboards, there are many high level players who have played hundreds of games. Here are the top 3 with games won/games played.

    #1 oaia 1461 - 504/736
    #2 Adriana5 1425 - 120/150
    #3 csander_ 1377 - 68/75

    Are these results even possible?

    In order for your Elo to increase significantly, you have to beat players close to your Elo. If a 1300 beat a 1000, you'd probably get 1 point.

  • @Stannis-B And considering that it's tough enough to get matched up with players with an ELO close to yours, these players should have taken huge ELO hits with each of their losses. (Although do you increase your ELO if you setup the games? I suppose if it was a tightly controlled group of players!?)

  • @Schaef said:

    The first one is not important. So there are people that actually don't PLAY a game, but use their console skills, hacking skills, or whatnot, to put themselves top of the rank of a game they not once even tried playing seriously. It's a good game after all. The motivation to do this simply eludes me. But hey, the world is big...

    The motivation? Hacking is a challenge, they'll do it because it's there. [Although people cheat all the time, for no real benefit, so who knows]

  • Maybe it would be easier for the admins if players who have played against those three would come here and talk about their games, like ab4l did?

  • @prier said:

    what did ab4l do?

  • @Stannis-B I think he meant 4bel. 8th post in this thread, where he talked about playing csander. I don't think it matters, admins just need to write a script to pull the logs and recalculate what the top scores should look like, to see if they are realistic. [Assuming that data is available, I'd be curious how much history is retained and accessible (given privacy, etc.,)]

  • With the next patch, we will be able to "clean up" more effectively than we are now. We are currently testing a new system we built in internal tests but it should find its way to the live version with the next patch. Thank you very much for your patience regarding this issue so far.

  • @Schaef Highest I got was 1280. I got there and then lost like three games...some due to bad rolls and some do to teaming. I dropped 50 points in 4 games. HAHA. It's when I asked the @administrators to put a ELO limit on the games as an option. No dice.

  • @administrators - Was there some progress in the meantime? I see that oaia :sheep: is still on top!

    From top 20 I've played ones with Mr. Snuggles (currently number 19) and he was cheating.

  • Yeah please fix the ELO scores

    A total reset might be an option

  • They first have to fix the blatant cheating loopholes in the system. Otherwise the same players would climb to the top again. There seems to be no way for the admins to prove that the players are cheating or abusing the systems, it seems.

    Again... Everything about Catan Universe seems to be inefficient/broken/stupid.

  • I played once against Adriana. I think she frequently changes her nick (at that time her nick was "Adriana4") and I think this is the reason why she "apparently" has very few games. But at least in my game she played fair, even I was able to won that game. I can see that my last comment had a good reception :) and Csander is not on Leaderboard now. Thanks to Scheaf for this post and thanks to the administrator for attend my request.

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