Cannot play

  • As of 3 days ago i am not able to play online. I am not sure how ro remedy this. Please assist!
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  • @cataddict - Maybe a few more details would be helpful. Why are you not able to play?
    How far can you get? What Happens?
    I know for me it is very slow to load, lots of times I have to click same button several times, every time I play in Browser I get the screen w system requirements again and some other "housekeeping pop-ups", so annoying, that should be saved after first login.
    Also when I log into the forum (Community tab) nothing happens after I click on one of the options. I have to close and re-open window and then things work?
    wonder why that happens? So much still not working properly....
    A slow or faulty start really is not encouraging me to keep trying.

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    @cataddict On which platform are you plying CU?

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    I am trying to play catan universe. My prior avatar, friends, guild, longer exists in my profile.

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    @cataddict sorry let me rephrase it. On what device are you playing? Are you using the Browser Version, the Steam Version or the mobile ones?

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