Please bring back PlayCatan!!!

  • Catan Universe is improved over 1 year ago. There is no question, but unfortunately it's still not nearly as good in three respects:

    1. Speed: It's much much slower to play a game, and for me that's a non starter.

    2. Graphics are pointless: CU needs to be 2D not 3D. While the graphics look nice this shows lack of understanding of what is important to a board game player. Graphics are important for distinguishing things, visibility and clarity and beyond that anything fancy is entirely unnecessary. Instead of investing in silly virtual reality that adds no value, please focus on bringing a good 2D experience.

    3. Social: This version shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the social aspects of the game. The social and mental aspects are at times arguably more important than dice rolls and placements, so much is in the mind (like poker - it's a mind game, for example: promoting another player's strong position to distract attention from oneself, displaying displeasure over certain actions or applying sympathy for other players at key times is important). This is hard to do in CU. I have a community of friends here also and this feels lost too!

    It's these kinds of problems that makes us real players feel like the people that designed this don't actually really play or understand Catan.

    For now, it feels the makers have ignored good advice "if it isn't broke don't fix it".

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could further extend the playcatan server UNTIL these issues are resolved. I think you could also charge for it, many of the players would gladly pay a few dollars per month like before - e.g. $6.99. Thank you for the investment in CU and making it more stable but the above problems destroy the fun.

  • I still don't get the final objective of the developers with this CU.
    By shutting down PlayCatan, I am forced to exclude the "business" and the "fun for the game"... What else could it be? By returning to the paying version of PlayCatan, they should have a nice business and the players would have a big fun for the game again. Does the CU bring so much profit to you ( @Developers ) to be worth all this madness?!

  • I have played a few games here now. The "best" was at the end of a game with a clear winner (not me) the message appeared "Game Cancelled"! What a joke is that?
    So we spent almost an hour playing a BASIC game, (We can play a fun Multi in that time on PC) and then the poor guy gets cheated out of his win?
    Trade windows covers up my cards so I am not sure what I have, lest I read the small numbers in that window. Year of plenty card does the same and I am screwed unless I remember what I have (which I don't, I am too old for all that ☺).
    Would be nice to be able to close the chat window - it takes up space.
    Place avatars in much smaller size on the side so I can see both board and my cards at the same time
    Trade process is way too cumbersome.
    The CU game may have improved somewhat over the llast 2+ years, but the basics are still bad and this is far from offering a fun gaming experience.
    I remember when I started on PLayCatan, after a few games I knew what was going on and I had fun.
    PlayCatan was a community thing, the social part mattered to us, in game chat, games with people I knew...... Catan Universe offers non of that.
    I may try a few more times, but I will never pay for this "experience".
    Please bring back PlayCatan (and if you cannot, let us know who owns that so we can get in touch with the owner). It was a great thing for non-techy gamers, fun, fast, enjoyable.
    Please answer to these posts. Stop ignoring a community altogether..... So much money lost..... SAD!!!!

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  • @Fortuna I was thinking the same, to talk to the owner of PlayCatan and if he doesn't need it anymore, to give it to someone else who wants to have a nice business or to someone who only loves to play and would let it free. It doesn't really matter the ultimate goal, if the application would reopen for the community of Cataners!
    He can also sell the application to someone else... there is a really big community of Catan players who would love to pay for this nice and fast game application.

  • @P3tra - I have asked so many over the last 2 years if they would agree to pay for the old game, and unanimously the answer was YES!!!!!!
    I have yet to hear someone from the old gang say they played CU and liked it.
    I would love to know how many paying players they have that play regularly.
    I read feedback on Steam and it is predominantly negative. What a sad status after such a long time.

  • @P3tra - I am trying to find out who owns the rights to PlayCatan. CU just ran it for the time being. I sent a message to Klaus Teuber but have little hope he will reply....
    I will keep you all posted.

    Wish someone out here would know how to proceed....

  • I have played 3 games.....BASIC games mind you, and they last between 40 min to over an hour....
    We used to play Multi with 6 in less time, and had more fun too....
    When a 7 rolls we see the useless announcement "the Robber" and "You were not robbed" if you don't have more than 7 cards. But then you might get robbed after all by a player. Delete that stuff, it us useless and annoying.
    Why do they have to keep announcing whose turn it is???? Oh, I know, because otherwise it is not that clear....In PlayCatan we did just fine with the shield by the active player's name. And paying attention helps. Scrap that!
    The Avatar faces are dreadful in my opinion, and why do they need to move their heads and blink their eyes? I would be good with just a still face.
    And it still takes minutes for the game to load????? Please please let us go back to PlayCatan, charge us for a good game, and we all would be happy campers.
    I am sure the new people on here that only know this version would fall in love with the good old PlayCatan very quickly. And there we have a community, we can really chat on the side and in the forum, we can pick the games we want with the players we want. We were happy there and it all worked most of the time.
    I will never understand the need for this CU thing.

  • @Fortuna - Rant over, I am so done with this.
    If anyone finds a good place where we can still play the real thing, let me know.
    None of the other game versions out there are as fun and easy as PlayCatan was, at least for this old lady!

  • Yep. That was it. No more online catan for me. Working in web development, all I can do when I see how this has been constructed, is to laugh/cry.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I want to play a game in CU for half an hour and I can’t because of the bad connection.
    @administrators Couldn’t you reopen the PlayCatan until you solve this problem?
    We are so many players who really want to play!

  • Agreed to all the issues. Why must we have 3D CU with useless animation that slows the game down?
    I'm new here but was on PlayCatan for a while. I still haven't figured out how I can create a Basic Game with Friendly Robber and have random people join in. I used a scroll to unlock for 24 hours and I still can't figure it out...
    My biggest pet peeves are the trading and my cards. Why are my cards so covered up that sometimes I struggle to remember if that's a Wool or a Lumber card, oh yea, one is light green and the other dark green. Just show me the damn symbol of the first card like playcatan.
    Then trading, I don't see what I've got when I trade unless I look at the small numbers. And I wish I could have other people give me their answers for not trading or other trade offers like playcatan. But Year of Plenty, oh lord, I have no idea what I need now because I can't see my damn cards.
    Too much CPU on the board, not enough game play.

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    @Fortuna said:

    Please answer to these posts. Stop ignoring a community altogether..... So much money lost..... SAD!!!!

    I have spent quite a bit of time on PlayCatan over the last decade and this right here is the biggest problem I have. the new developers... do they even play catan? It's pretty fucking clear that they don't.

    Man I'm so mad about this.

    Bring back PlayCatan! Let us maintain it and pay for it. You just collect money.


  • Why don't we all who want it back, develop it ourselves?

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