Option for hiding ELO

  • @administrators Dear Admins, it would be great to have an option to hide ELO before the games. For those with increased ELO is terrible to play with those with low ELO because the last ones begin to block and steal from the first ones half of the game only because of the ELO... "just to be sure". If the ELO wouldn't be shown at the beginning of the game, no one would have this problem. PLEASE insert this option for those who want! I am sure everyone would hide it, the low ones because it is low and the increased ones so they will not be blocked only for this reason... after a game where you are blocked and robbed because of the ELO and you loose, you loose also big amount of ELO because, of course, you played with low ones. Show it at the end of the game if there is such a need, but not before, please.

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