Option to re-enter the game

  • Where can I find the option to re-enter a game??
    I had to go out to change the graphic option (because it was horribly dark) and I couldn't re-enter!!

  • administrators

    @P3tra You can continue a singleplayer match by selecting the icon in the scenario list. Once you voluntarily left a multiplayer game and were replaced by an AI, you can't rejoin. However, of course, you can rejoin if you lost connection or something like that.

  • I think there should be an option for that (with a short time limit)... For example I have chosen the graphic quality "fastest", but when I entered the game is was veeeeeery dark, I could never play a game in this condition, so I had to leave "voluntary" (as you mention) just to change the graphic option and then continue normally the game... but apperarently it was not possible... In PlayCatan we had that option.

  • @Administrator Today I was kicked from a game even if I had connection, I was seeing everything moving in the game bug the timer begun and HAD NO OPTION TO REENTER! Please tell me why...

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