Multicatan in CatanUniverse?

  • You could charge so much more money for multicatan. You wouldn't even have to support online matchmaking, it could be guild or friend invites only. I recommend emailing a survey to players. if you get enough strong support.... I mean jeez, you could charge so much more for it.

  • @Administrator said:

    @P3tra That's definitely on our list of things to do ^^ But the roadmap for the upcoming months looks like this:

    June: Rivals (Duell) Base Game (Red Box)
    July: Seasons Testing (Seasons are open tournaments for everyone to participate in with in game prices to win at the end)
    August/Sepetmber: Open test of the closed tournament feature
    October: New board game content ;)

    Three years have already passed...

    It's been so long since this much loved scenario was taken from us.

  • Please, where is MULTICATAN??? Im waiting for 2 Years for it!!!!

  • The developers said on the Discord server that they are currently working on a 5-6 player version. They didn't give any more information than that - didn't say when, or if it would be an add-on expansion, etc.

  • We need Multicatan back - pleaaaseeee

  • :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

  • Nobody cares about Inka or duell stuff, one of the most played games is still Not coming. I dont know why they wasted so much Time for the other games. I bought Inka, but Nobody wants to play that.

  • @demmi actually there are several people who like to play Inkas - just not enough for it to be easy getting a multiplayer game. For the 5-6 player Catan, the developers say they are working on it. No schedule for when it will be available though.


  • It just makes me really sad that there is still no Multicatan. I payed 5$ every month to play it on playcatan back then and there was a big community of players. Why would you kill something like this without a replacement? How can it take so long??? I really makes no sense and I am deeply disappointet with how everything developed over the last few years after playcatan shut down.

  • There is 5-6 player on the app now. Has been for over a month now.

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