Multicatan in CatanUniverse?

  • @Luzzi - STIMMT 100-pro..... MUlti war der Hammer.

  • Ich glaube alle vermissen das alte Multi-Catan 😕

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • Dream vs. Reality
    (evolution vs. involution)

  • @P3tra Looked at it, :laughing: nicely put!

  • REALLY missing multicatan, just throwing a vote out there to please please bring it back.

  • 5-6 players feature is a must!! please add it!

  • Another vote for 5-6 player Catan! It's a must with the COVID outbreak!

  • Multicatan vote for it!

  • MULTICATAN!!!!!! we have a 6 person conference call going right now with 2 kids in the mix and now i have to tell them that it's not possible. the developers & admins know kids. let's not continue to disappoint these kids. bring family & friends together by adding 5-6 player capability...pleeeeeeeeease!

  • KEEPING UP!:+1:

  • I am looking on every single platform since old Catan was closed, to find a way of playing multicatan with no succes :(. So I am posting here, maybe CatanUniverse will do something about this, help us and keep the comunity happy by making this posible. So thumbs up for MULTICATAN! Keep posting!

  • Bitte bringt endlich Multicatan zurück!!! Bitteeee

  • We need multi Catan .

  • How has this not been built out yet! I'd buy a 5-6 person expansion in a heartbeat.

  • Please bring us 5-6 person Catan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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