Multicatan in CatanUniverse?

  • You could charge so much more money for multicatan. You wouldn't even have to support online matchmaking, it could be guild or friend invites only. I recommend emailing a survey to players. if you get enough strong support.... I mean jeez, you could charge so much more for it.

  • @Administrator said:

    @P3tra That's definitely on our list of things to do ^^ But the roadmap for the upcoming months looks like this:

    June: Rivals (Duell) Base Game (Red Box)
    July: Seasons Testing (Seasons are open tournaments for everyone to participate in with in game prices to win at the end)
    August/Sepetmber: Open test of the closed tournament feature
    October: New board game content ;)

    Three years have already passed...

    It's been so long since this much loved scenario was taken from us.

  • Please, where is MULTICATAN??? Im waiting for 2 Years for it!!!!

  • The developers said on the Discord server that they are currently working on a 5-6 player version. They didn't give any more information than that - didn't say when, or if it would be an add-on expansion, etc.

  • We need Multicatan back - pleaaaseeee

  • :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

  • Nobody cares about Inka or duell stuff, one of the most played games is still Not coming. I dont know why they wasted so much Time for the other games. I bought Inka, but Nobody wants to play that.

  • @demmi actually there are several people who like to play Inkas - just not enough for it to be easy getting a multiplayer game. For the 5-6 player Catan, the developers say they are working on it. No schedule for when it will be available though.


  • It just makes me really sad that there is still no Multicatan. I payed 5$ every month to play it on playcatan back then and there was a big community of players. Why would you kill something like this without a replacement? How can it take so long??? I really makes no sense and I am deeply disappointet with how everything developed over the last few years after playcatan shut down.

  • There is 5-6 player on the app now. Has been for over a month now.

  • No chance look like

  • @demmi This is not true at all. A lot of people do actually care about the "Duell stuff". In fact, as for tactical and strategic depth, it is by far the best of all Catan games. It is challenging and unique.

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