Multicatan in CatanUniverse?

  • Is there any chance that in the near future we could play Multicatan in Catan Universe?
    This scenario is the best one in PlayCatan and it would be a big loss if we would have no continuation...

  • :+1: I would appreciate Multi Catan from Play Catan .:innocent: Please let me know if this becomes possible. Anywhere on any platform. :sparkling_heart:
    :heartbeat: I was "screengurl2007" on PC. use that everywhere I can. Its my skype, gmail, facebook, ect. :wave:

  • administrators

    @P3tra That's definitely on our list of things to do ^^ But the roadmap for the upcoming months looks like this:

    June: Rivals (Duell) Base Game (Red Box)
    July: Seasons Testing (Seasons are open tournaments for everyone to participate in with in game prices to win at the end)
    August/Sepetmber: Open test of the closed tournament feature
    October: New board game content ;)

  • @administrators I understand, thank you for answering. Hope then that october will be the months for this lovely scenario, which I think is the most addictive :))).

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