Unable to start a custom game

  • I wanted to play a game with two AIs and the "Start game" button is just always grey, I cannot press it.

  • administrators


    Custom Match is for games with other human players (and AI to fill the remaining slots). If you want to play just against AI players, please select single player mode.

  • A free hint for you. Don't you think it's a good UX feature if a player can try to start a "custom match" with only Ai and instead you create the "single player" game instead?

    Stuff like this should be elementary. You really need someone to think through all your features with deep analysis before you publish them in a live environment.

  • @Stroom Well, to be fair it is a bit of an edge case, as one might have assumed it was obvious that if you were planning on playing by yourself you would likely click single player... (not that analysts shouldn't think through how people will use/misuse every feature, this should have been identified in testing as confusing)

    I did try this myself, but more because I was curious if starting the game this way would unexpectly create ELO payouts by playing low ranked AIs, ha ha ha. [I was curious, not looking to abuse the system... well anymore than you can game the AI today]

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