Crane Card Not Functioning Properly

  • I'm playing through the first few "quests" or whatever they are called and have experienced an issue when playing CaK and trying to play a Crane card. It simply will not allow me to play the card. I've tried moving to my next turn and I've tried exiting and restarting the match to no avail. I have 2 of the Paper commodity cards and my current city improvement level is 2. Therefore, I should be able to play the Crane card to use the 2 Paper cards in my hand to upgrade my city improvement to level 3. I have taken screenshots, but am not sure how to attach them.

  • Additionally, I now have 3 Paper cards in my hand and am still not being allowed to upgrade my city level. Can you say frustrating? I have also taken an additional screenshot.

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    Just to make sure: Do you currently have a city that can be upgraded? If for example your city was destroyed by the barbarians, you would still see your existing city upgrades but you won't be able to build new ones until you build a new city.

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