Game load time

  • It is taking way to long to load the game, 5-10 minutes. I have been experiencing this problem the last week or so, maybe 10 days. It is getting worse (taking longer) than when the problem started.

  • @Erric-the-Vug same for me :(

  • administrators

    Thanks for contacting us here. Are you both playing the browser version? Do I understand correctly that this happened before the last update already? Have you tried loading the game in an incognito browser tab to check if this changes anything to make sure it is not a caching problem?

  • @Administrator Yes, browser version. No haven't checked cache.

  • @Erric-the-Vug , I'm experiencing the same ridiculously long load time. The hubby noted that CU requires a quad core cpu (which I don't have). Seems crazy to me that the OLD game loaded right away with no problems but CU is slow and buggy like mad, but it's being FORCED on us anyway. :P

  • still very long to load the game (firefox). my connection is good, my laptop is quite new. About 5 minutes to load
    why so long to load ? if you have to refresh, so long again... never seen that

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