Game Balance

  • Well today I finally give up. I've tried for over a year to play this game and have been frustrated so often. The balance of the game is so off it's not funny. I go to play against NPCs and they get every good roll.. take all my cards through the robber and make it impossible to win. I kept thinking, I'll keep at it, perhaps I'll learn more.. I enjoy a challenge but this is ridiculous. I play against others and do ok but before I spend money on this game, I want to see some balance, especially on the dice and how often the robber comes up. When the robber hits 5 times in a row, something is very off. So get your programming sorted and I may actually buy this game but otherwise, you've just lost a customer. And yes I've tried turning the friendly robber on and off and I've tried turning dice mode on and off. Nothing helps much. Also, while I'm at it, this is a very buggy game. People lose connection all the time in the middle of a game.

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