1.4.5 issues people have noticed?

  • I thought 1.4.5 was more stable for a day or two, but it still seems to have some issues, what I've noticed so far:

    • on occassion still get the "all other humans have left the game" at the end of the game (and can't view stats / unless you hit escape).
    • seems to hangup during picking first positions, players wont see it's their turn / we wait forever (stuck)
    • people dont' see it's their turn, think it's someone elses (they need to restart) [during gameplay]
    • it's my turn but I can't roll the dice, or I can't end my turn
    • only once have I hit the black screen, but it does more reliably terminate the game if it doesn't start
    • kicktimers seem to appear/disappear faster, but still frequent, and often resetting (will count down, but then randomly reset to 120)

    it does seem that people aren't kicked as often from games, and sometimes it does seem better but that depends on the day. I haven't noticed the AI getting hung up as much.

    any other bugs people have noticed?

  • Seems like they did not actually fix the Arrival on Catan bug. People keep asking to make the admin manually unlock the rewards.

    There is a very serious internet connection issue with this game. And they can not fix it because the game is fundamentally broken. Seems like the developers working on this have not made an online game before. Only graphic designers here.

  • @Stroom said:

    Only graphic designers here.

    It is pretty :-) ... but that was one of my first thoughts when I first started playing, that the old catanuniverse play could get much faster, where now you are always waiting and it feels slow [not sure if it's a interface design issue, or lag with the games/network, or if also having more platforms like tablets and phones if people are multitasking more] [but this isn't 1.4.5 specific]

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