Change Password

  • My apologies if I am missing something but how do I change my password?

  • @KaiserBachfeld - On the Login page is an option "Forgot Password". If you click that you should get an email with a new temporary password and then you can change it....
    Otherwise contact support at bottom of that page.

  • Are you kidding? This is SO lazy. No more money goes to this company. That is ridiculous.

  • I've been pretty hard on Catan but this wouldn't be an issue for me. It is a very common and efficient practice used my almost all web software that I use. It is not used because programmers are lazy. :laughing:

    "I forgot my password" combines secondary authentication with getting a new password. The old method was to request that the existing password be re-entered but what if someone else is trying to guess your password. You'd want to be notified, usually by email, that that someone is trying to change your password. Whereas email (or the less secure SMS) notification is part of the forgot password process. Many users would end up at " I forgot my password" anyway because they couldn't remember their password.

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