Dice Rolls Not Random

  • I've been playing Catan Universe for awhile now (around 300 games) and over time I've noticed that the dice rolls don't seem to be random early in the game. I typically play Cities and Knights against 2 master level computer opponents, and certain things always seem to happen:

    • Prior to the first Barbarian attack, 8's, 6's, 5's, 3's, and 10's are always rolled
    • 9's are never rolled prior to the first Barbarian attack, but are then rolled twice in a row shortly thereafter (this happens every single time)
    • A 12 is always rolled shortly after the first Barbarian attack

    I've only noticed these things early in games and the dice distribution isn't exactly the same every game, but that could be tied to it just ending earlier or later. Now, there does seem to be a temporary fix for this: if I close out of the app entirely, the first game I play has a totally different roll pattern, but it seems to return to the old one after that game is completed.

    Not sure if this is a bug or an algorithm issue, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention and also see if other people were observing the same behavior.

  • There is certainly a big problem with the dice! I play seafareres scenarios and in most games there are 3 numbers that get rolled non-stop, letting the other number totally out... and usually numbers like 11 or 3 :)) + 5 or 6. There is something wrong with the algorithm of the dice...

  • @administrators I alternated these days CU with PC and there is definitely a problem with the algorithm of the dice in CU. Wouldn't there be a solution to just copy the algorithm from PC?
    Today for example, I played some games in a row in CU and there was everything the same... 2nd or 3rd turn there was a 7 and then a pattern of two numbers + 2 and 11 and 12... The pattern is usually with 5 and/or 9 (but can be other two numbers as well) and the rest of the numbers don't roll. Is not normal, every (but EVERY) game practically a player is totally dead because of the dice algorithm. This happens in PC as well, but once in 100 games...

  • I wonder how it’s possible to still have the imbalanced dice rolling issues after that much of a time it has been reported.
    Early in the game you notice that some numbers are the preferred ones this time - this messes with all probabilities... and statistically “good” starting positions.
    That makes me even trade a 5 or 9 for a 3 sometimes... insane.

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