Master server down?

  • I've had this game for a while including an expansion this is the first I've seen the. Looks like the master server is down, and it's been this way for about a week. Can't connect to my player profile, or play free games or see any guild in the guild list. Just looks like I'm not connecting to anything. My internet is fine, can run other apps just fine. What's going on?

  • Bump, still having the same issue and no response, I've spent 10 usd on this app.. what's going on?

  • Me too. I can play the mobile app version but not on my mac. Getting pretty annoyed with it

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    You should have received an email from support regarding your account status on May 9th. I've sent you a private message with more details.

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    What error message do you get on your Mac and are you running the latest version 1.4.5? Could you please check if logging out and back into your account or reinstalling the game fixes the issue in case a savegame or cached login data was corrupted?

  • After clearing cache and stored data my issue was resolved

  • I play regularly and today I wasn't able to make auto-match function nor view any friends or elo leaderboards. I ended up clearing the Android app data. When I logged back in, I got a "you were kicked from the last game" message so I think that pending message was breaking the game. Just FYI

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    @DudeWheresMyCatan Thank you very much for the info. We will investigate.

  • @Administrator - Welcome. I don't have the same level of enthusiasm as other posters on issues but I would really like the dev team to allow "counter offers" on trades like in Play Catan. It wastes a ton of time in the game when people have to use the chat window to facilitate trades. And yes, I understand the trade preferences feature - it seemed like a good idea but it's a waste of time. Please update the trade function to allow counter offers. Thank you.

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    @DudeWheresMyCatan We do play around with the idea of counter-offers. It's something we want to do... especially once we will start to offer tournaments. Thank you for your constructive feedback.

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